Meet Sasha

  An undercover cop-lady  being interrogated in a cell while the city is  in the middle of a virus outbreak which turns everyone into zombies or monsters. 

The cops, civilians infact the entire city is infected ..and its spreading via touch.... as she tries to escape she is saved by an inmate...who claims knows about the outbreak.

 Together, they get to know  each other...survive together...

fight together...solve riddles together..

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Listed In Top Games To Play During Quarantine

Renowned  gaming-news site lists Catch Up as one of the Top 17 games to play during quarantine.  

plus brain-teasing puzzles


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Catch Up II: Deliver Us From Evil

You know she said she had some unfinished business. Now its time she went back to figure what really happened but before she uncovers its all hell breaks loose again and this time there is no escape vehicle.


Say your prayers, get your guns and deliver us from evil.

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